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This has been a big week. It's the week that school started for my littles -- remotely -- and that I opened enrollment for my end-of-year course "Practical Somatics."  And in all the changes of the week -- of the year -- there have been a few essentials that have kept me afloat. I talk about one of them on the vlog today.


My signature program, The Onward & Upward Training System, is back!  I am so pleased to announce that we will continue our important transformational work in 2020 with a 2-month, year-end experience called "Practical Somatics." 

I'll run the program throughout November and December and will teach you practical somatic modalities from around the world that help you to meet this moment of global revolution and evolution from a place of presence, power and wholeness.  We rise together!

Details are on the flier below.

Register for Practical Somatics here: www.panyawalker.com/practical-somatics


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