About Panya

Panya Walker teaches holism and somatic tools that unlock and enhance creative/intuitive expression and personal/professional transformation. She is the creator of the Onward & Upward Training System®, a unique system that teaches you a simple process for overcoming fear, reinventing your self image and creating new habits, so that you can live your best life now. Panya’s online and in-person programs are grounded in principles of Specialized Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and a well-honed intuition, and have helped hundreds of people achieve breakthrough transformations – mind, body and spirit.

Panya found her way to this work out of pure necessity.  When she graduated from

the University of Virginia, she landed a dream job in Japan, which began a decade-

long journey as a teacher and trainer, writer and editor as well as a corporate

communications professional in Asia and the Americas. During a 3-year stint in

Hong Kong she realized that if she didn't do something about her stress level,

she might break under the pressure of her workload and relationship challenges.

So, she began to seek out teachers and healers to find greater peace and

fulfillment.  She studied meditation at the Raja Yoga Centre in Causeway Bay, read

every book she could get her hands on from the New Age Book Shop in Central,

and stumbled upon a teacher, who at the time was a relative newcomer in the

'new spirituality' movement, named Eckhart Tolle. He visited Hong Kong often and she jumped on every opportunity to attend his private retreats. Miraculously, she found herself opening to new levels of stillness and peace within the fast-paced, hectic Hong Kong work world. This served her well when she returned to New York, where she worked in the automotive and financial services sectors for six more years. She continued to consume courses, certificates and training programs from some of the most well-regarded healers and spiritual teachers in North America and in 2008 she was given a golden opportunity to make a career change. She opened her own practice in 2010 and hasn't looked back since.


She currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her beloved husband, daughter and son and loves to travel, spend time in her garden and go to the playground with or without the kids.

Her online and 1-1 coaching programs are the culmination of her life experiences, training and certification in powerful self-empowerment techniques (listed below).  The tools have worked for her and hundreds others, and they can work for you too! She invites you to journey with her into the life of fulfillment, freedom and joy that you've dreamed of, and that you deeply deserve. 



* Body Revitalization /

   Total Body Modification
* Brain Gym

* Energetic Body Work
* Holistic Nutrition
* Interfaith Ministry

* Intuitive Linking

* Meditation & Relaxation

* Mind Body Medicine
* Reiki
* Specialized Kinesiology

* Touch for Health

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