About Panya

Panya Walker is a writer, speaker and teacher who centers her work around holism and somatic tools that enhance creative expression, develop the sixth sense and facilitate profound personal and professional transformation. She is also the creator of the Onward & Upward Training System®, a unique program that teaches you a simple process for overcoming fear, reinventing your self image and creating new habits, so that you can live your best life now.


After gradating from the University of Virginia, Panya embarked on a career in

communications. She worked in Japan, Hong Kong and the U.S. as a teacher, trainer,

writer, editor, CSR manager and senior business consultant for 15 years. In 2010 she

opened her own practice in New York City, where she offered soma-centered treatment

programs to busy professionals. 

She attributes her personal and professional success to 25 years of study, practice,

apprenticeship and teaching in the somatic arts. Her individual, group and online

offerings are the culmination of her life experience, training and certifications (listed

below), and have helped hundreds of people achieve breakthrough transformation,

mind, body and spirit.


Panya currently lives in New Mexico with her beloved husband, daughter and son.  She loves to travel, create, and spend time in nature.  She is passionate about helping servant leaders and change agents achieve greater health and vitality so that they can serve at their highest level.



* Body Revitalization /

   Total Body Modification
* Brain Gym

* Energetic Body Work
* Holistic Nutrition
* Interfaith Ministry

* Intuitive Linking

* Meditation & Relaxation

* Mind Body Medicine
* Reiki
* Specialized Kinesiology

* Touch for Health