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Panya Walker is a soma practitioner and teacher who

centers her work around holism and somatic practices

that facilitate personal and professional transformation,

ignite creativity and develop the sixth sense. She is the

founder of the Love & Live Free Institute, which delivers

online learning opportunities to a global community of

students, and creator of the Onward & Upward

Training System®, a unique program that teaches you

a simple process for overcoming fear, reinventing your

self image and creating new habits, so that you can

live your best life now.


Panya found her way to somatics out of pure necessity.  She began to contemplate and dabble in somatic practices during her University years, especially during a period of study abroad in Southern Africa. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Panya landed a dream job in Japan, which began a 25-year career in communications across Asia and the Americas -- where she worked in education, publishing, corporate philanthropy and as a consultant.

It was during a 3-year stint in Hong Kong that she moved from dabbling in to devoted to somatics.  She realized if she didn't do something about her stress level she might break under the pressure of her workload and relationship challenges. So she began to seek out teachers and healers to find greater peace and fulfillment, which seeded a practice that serves as the foundation of her work to this day. In fact, Panya attributes her personal and professional success -- then and now -- to her practice, study and apprenticeship in the somatic arts. In 2010 she was given a golden opportunity to share her good news. She opened a private practice in New York City offering soma-centered treatment programs to busy professionals, and hasn't looked back. 


Panya's in-person, online and group programs are the culmination of her life experience, training and certification in powerful self-empowerment techniques (listed below), and have helped thousands of people across the globe achieve breakthrough transformation, mind, body and spirit.  Her vision is to inspire "healthy humans to live in healthy community together, in a healthy ecosystem."


Panya currently lives in New Mexico with her beloved husband, daughter and son.  She loves to travel, create, and spend time in nature.  She is passionate about helping servant leaders and change agents achieve greater health and vitality so that they can serve at their highest level.  READ OFFICIAL BIO HERE


* Body Revitalization/

   Total Body Modification
* Brain Gym

* Energetic Body Work
* Holistic Nutrition
* Interfaith Ministry

* Intuitive Linking

* Meditation & Relaxation

* Mind Body Medicine
* Specialized Kinesiology

* Touch for Health

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