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What to Do When the Relationship Starts to Fizzle

Relationships change when children enter the picture, when two people's worlds expand to include new life, but the number of hours in the day do not. And many good relationships falter when one or both people get lost in the hubbub that this change brings. They drift apart when life and relationship begins to feel transactional. When chores replace connection and itemized lists replace intimacy. Because when you hit that plateau, you also stop noticing your partner. I mean really noticing. And before you know it you begin to forget what drew you together in the first place. I've learned after 10 years of marriage that the little ways that we show up for each other have the greatest impact. And that there are simple ways to connect, without sacrifice or spending, that remind us of the love that lives within us. Little things like: A smile, hug and kiss in parting and greeting, every day; Frequent eye contact; and Sharing a gentle caress in passing. These, and countless other small reminders that "I see you" connect you to your why even on the busiest days, and rekindle your heart's memory. So, sweat the small stuff, lean into the little things, and turn the fizzle into sizzle.

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