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How to Keep Your Romantic Relationships Golden

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

The golden rule, tale as old as time.

On one level it reminds you not to lie, steal or kill -- nobody wants that.

On a more nuanced level, the spiritual principle invites you to "treat others as THEY want to be treated."

And this is the real secret to healthy romantic relationship. Because it calls you to bring attention to the wants of your significant other.

Let's apply this to gift giving.

Do you gift the red shirt because you like the color, or because you think it looks good on your partner, or do you gift the green shirt because you know (s)he loves green?

Better yet, do you forego the gift because you know (s)he would prefer a night out on the town?

"Treating others as THEY want to be treated" reminds you to be interested in and inquire about the wants of your loved one.

And it reminds you that active listening keeps all of your relationships golden.

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