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Panya's signature program, The Onward & Upward Training System®  is the world's FIRST PROGRAM designed to help you experience breakthrough transformation on multiple levels using a unique process based on soma practices from across the globe. A 21-day program will be offered in May and a 40-day program in October. Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the doors to enrollment open!


ONWARD & UPWARD Training System®

The Onward & Upward Training System is a unique program designed by Panya Walker that pulls from somatic traditions around the world to help you:
  • Create and hold an expansive vision for your life; 
  • Heal and transform limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions and patterns standing in your way; 
  • Embrace and maintain process and practices that sustain meaningful change.

The program is delivered online through training videos, learning tools and somatic processes guided by Panya.  A 21-day program will be held in May and an in-depth 40-day program in October of 2024.



As part of the program you'll learn:

Soma tools that help you transform stress, anxiety and uncertainty into clear vision and purposeful forward motion.

How to stay grounded and centered in an empowering vision for your life, so that you can sustain change.

How to activate the 12 keys to manifestation, so you fully embrace and step into your vision.

Simple and effective ways to integrate your vision mind, body and spirit, so that you take steps to manifest more quickly and easily.

Here's why others have joined the training:

Finding stability in times of change


"Onward and Upward came to me just in time to help me appreciate and accelerate an unexpected transition to move across the country. Though I was happy to relocate for my spouse, I was looking for clarity about what was next for me. Panya had the unique ability to speak into a camera as if she is personally delivering a message to me through the screen. Her words are like a warm blanket of care and comfort that soothes your soul, warms your heart and motivates your spirit to move forward. I was inspired everyday I went through a lesson. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and felt myself growing confidence and tapping into my own wisdom. What I thought would be a difficult 6 - 9 month transition to a new state turned out to be a fulfilling 3 month transition that landed me into a wonderful new job. I credit Panya's course for empowering me with an Onward and Upward guide that accelerated this transitional moment in my journey. I highly recommend it to anyone, and everyone, who is ready to grow and move onward and upward!"  -- Michele Reeves 

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A 21-day program will be offered in May and a 40-day program in October.
Join the waitlist to be the first to know when the doors to enrollment open!

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