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Schedule a Transformational Consultation with Panya Walker to deepen your somatic awareness and somatic intuition. The session lasts about 45 minutes and you leave with tools and practices that you can begin to use immediately. 

Single Sessions

A Transformational Consultation with Panya helps you to tune in to the
messages you are receiving through your body and through your inner and outer senses. In the fast pace of life, we tend to ignore many of these signals until we experience some sort of dysfunction. Your somatic awareness and intuition are like an inner GPS, always guiding you toward balance, healing, and growth.

Transformational Consultation

What is a
Transformational Consultation?


A Transformational Consultation is a coaching session with Panya
that includes somatic teachings and practices that facilitate SHIFT:
  • Self Awareness                    
  • Healing
  • Insight                                  
  • Focus
  • Transformation
Panya offers five primary types of transformational consultation,
each building on the one(s) before:
* Sensory Profile: Learn your somatic, or sensory, profile.
   Open yourself to and improve communication with your
   higher mind.

* Life Purpose: Learn your soul group path, receive life

   purpose guidance and spiritual counseling. Gain clarity

   and confidence around your life direction.

* Breakthrough: Turn your wounds to wisdom. Identify and

   transform pain points, fears, core limiting beliefs and old

   patterns of thought and behavior.  

* Coherence: Create coherence between being and doing,

   so that how you be and what you do are in alignment.

* Seed the Future: Seed the future on a balanced, aligned

   and expansive path.

Learn Your

Sensory Profile



Seed the




Identify Limiting

Patterns of Thought & Behavior


Developing your somatic awareness and intuition enables you to find and celebrate your unique rhythm, pace and voice, which translates into:

You moving through life proactively, instead of reactively.

On purpose and with purpose.

You centering joy.

Upfront -- instead of after the work is done.


You experiencing balance. 

Getting out of the hurry

and into the flow.


You enjoying your success.

Achieving your dreams on the path of least resistance, without sacrificing your health or happiness.

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Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive available session dates.
Purchases are non refundable but may be transferred to another service.


Panya Walker_edited_edited_edited.jpg

In my application,, soma tools are sensory tools.


They cultivate a sense of relaxed awareness and spaciousness,

which is needed to transcend and transform any difficulty

and to grow and evolve consciousness.


                                                                       -- Panya Walker

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