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"It’s been a few weeks and I am reporting back to say I have felt an immediate and on-going sense of peace since working with Panya. We chose one specific life-area to work on, my relationship. But I’ve also felt an additional bonus, I’m clear of blocked energy in my business."

Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo, Online Business Strategist @ Tepsii Thendo

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I'm Panya Walker and I teach holism and somatic or "mind-body" tools that unlock and enhance creative/intuitive expression and personal/professional transformation. I created The ONWARD & UPWARD Training System and founded the Love, Live Free Institute to provide high-vibe, trailblazing, creative professionals and entrepreneurs with tools to:

  • Enhance their unique creative expression, and replace a sense of fear or overwhelm with clear vision, clear purpose and a clear plan of action;

  • Move courageously from where they are to where they want to be;

  • Feel better in their bodies right now, not after losing 20 or 30 pounds;

  • Cultivate and sustain relationships that inspire, uplift and light them up; and

  • Lead the way for their family, team, clients and community to do the same.

I've developed a unique process based on principles of Specialized Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and, best of all, a well-honed intuition, to help hundreds of people achieve breakthrough transformations -- mind, body and spirit.

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What I offer

I am a speaker, writer and teacher, and here's how I can help you to grow, heal and facilitate deep and lasting transformation in your life and business.

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As part of my signature Onward & Upward Training System, we will continue our important transformational work in 2020 with a 2-month, year-end experience called "Practical Somatics."  In this program you'll learn practical somatic modalities from around the world that help you to meet this moment of global revolution and evolution from a place of presence, power and wholeness. We rise together!

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