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for Self-Awareness

Self-Care &

the Sixth Sense

I'm Panya Walker and I teach somatic therapies, which in my application are sensory tools, that unlock and enhance creative and intuitive expression as well as personal and professional transformation. I am passionate about working with servant leaders and change agents to deepen self-awareness, self-care and the sixth sense, so that they can:

  • Enhance their unique creative expression, and replace a sense of fear or overwhelm with clear vision, clear purpose and a clear plan of action;

  • Move courageously from where they are to where they want to be;

  • Feel better in their bodies right now, not after losing 20 or 30 pounds;

  • Cultivate and sustain relationships that inspire, uplift and light them up; and

  • Lead the way for their family, team, clients and community to do the same.

​I have developed unique programs that have helped thousands of people achieve breakthrough transformations -- mind, body and spirit.

So glad you're here


I invite you to journey with me into the life of fulfillment, freedom and joy that you've dreamed of, and

that you deeply deserve

What I Offer

I am a speaker, writer and teacher, and here's how I can help you to grow, heal and facilitate deep and lasting transformation in your life and business.

Love & Appreciation

"Panya's helped me achieve one goal after another.
It’s mind blowing because it's nothing like I've ever experienced. Panya's unique approach will have you achieving dreams you never thought possible." 
Kathy Loewenstern

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Ideas, inspiration and information for clarity, courage and creative transformation.

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for Creative Transformation

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