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Divine Right Time

Originally published on Amani Resources website, July 12, 2012

Welcome to the Amani Resources Blog, where we offer SOUL STORIES to inspire and inform. Through storytelling we harness the power of prose and of poetry to share our personal healing journey. We hope you’ll visit often and share some stories of your own.

This Soul Story tells of our path to the healing art of Reiki and one of its core principles: Just for today, do not worry. Everything is unfolding in Divine right time. -- Panya


Reiki class with Siddheshwari at Amani Resources offices.

Soul Story: Divine Right Time

By Tasneem Grace Tewogbola

For a minute there she is California dreaming.

There is talk of beach and sun, of light and mood, of a shift from East Coast grit to West Coast smooth.

For a minute there all doors open and in breezes a wind whispering possibility.

An opportunity to teach

And be taught

A chance to heal

And be healed

A way to seek

And find fresh ways to learn and grow

And in the midst of all that planning and plotting, she searches and finds just

w ho she needs: Siddheshwari, a teacher to show her the art of Reiki.

Fiber optics snake from Brooklyn to the Bay and bring quick connection

Of magnetic vibration

Of like minds

Of collaboration

In the tradition – know n amongst ancients from Japan to Georgia – of laying

hands to do the healing work of the heart.

Soon both practitioners of Spirit feel the thrum of harmony and balance. Of anticipation and expectation.

Of intention and revelation.

Of joy.

Beyond soul talk and divine work they discover something better, bigger: a shared belief that everything happens as it should in divine, right time.

Truth talk on the telephone reveals a mutual certainty: all is as it is supposed to be.

So even when Life did what Life does – journeys left when all eyes focus right.

So when the unexpected arrives and the plans fall through, and the hopes are

dashed and the excitement withers and the disappointment simmers,

in drifts the beginnings of a miracle

As small as a mustard seed.

And together, Panya and Siddheshwari, witness that seed dance from defeat to destiny and take root.

PositiveSpeak fertilizes their faith.

When something falls through, they reason, there is always something better waiting on the horizon.

And within weeks, good fortune peeks from under Misfortune’s skirt and smiles.

Siddheshwari is coming to the East Coast! Brooklyn-bound!

Again doors open and in breezes a wind whispering possibility.

And this time, they meet, healer-to-healer, face-to-face, soul-to-soul, these believers in Creation’s clock.

This time, they touch and lay hands and teach what the ancients know :

there is no place for worry

no space for defeat

no room for regret

when Life teaches that everything is just as it should be

and all is well in divine, right time.




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