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How to Teach Your Children to Stand In Their Power

“This is mine!” my 3 year olds often tell me.

And I encourage them to do so. Because in order to step out into the world, powerfully and with purpose, they must first learn how to stand in their power.

My husband and I gave our children names meaning “pillar of strength” and “limitless, without borders” because we want them to have a sense of agency in the world.

And that begins in childhood.

It begins when they learn to hold their ground, “this is mine and I don’t have to share if I don’t want to.”

It begins when they are allowed to set healthy limits and boundaries for themselves, “you can’t take this without my permission.”

It begins when they are given the freedom to proclaim their ‘yes’ and their ‘no.’

Making ‘mine’ a choice for kids – before teaching them to share – reminds them:

I exist,

I matter,

my voice has value.

It prepares them for a lifetime of healthy relationship. Because they also learn to respect other people’s wishes, ask permission before taking, and honor another’s ‘no.’ And in doing so they create space for their relationships to thrive and grow.

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