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How to Use Chaos to Create and Innovate

Yesterday I wrote about my young son and a period of indecision we went through together, and it got me thinking about chaos, and the clarity that can come of it through a simple process. When you feel trapped in indecision and doubt, practice the P A U S E. The pause is the space in between, it is the bridge between chaos and clarity. Here's how it works: As a first step, ask for clarity, and then let 'it' go. Next, clear your space. Literally, remove the clutter from your physical surroundings. Do some gentle movement, go for a walk, for example, to activate your energy centers and clear your head. Focus your attention elsewhere. Do something that lifts your vibration and plants you firmly in your happy place. And finally, take a rest, sleep on it. Because on the other side of the pause, you will find your answer. You will have relaxed your brain and body enough to create and innovate. And you will have filled your cup enough to bring action to your insights. So embrace the space in between. Practice the pause, and you'll find the ideas and energy you need to move forward with clarity and confidence.

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