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5 Days of Forgiveness: Work on "Me" Before "We"

'Tis the season of holiday cheer, getting together with family, and setting new intentions for a prosperous new year. It is also the season where many of us go into heavy obligation -- to buy buy buy, eat eat eat, attend countless holiday parties, and host our own.

This season of warmth and heart leaves many feeling cold and anxious when they contemplate all of its obligations. And a sense of obligation breeds resentment in relationship, because it means that we're not truly acting from a place of authenticity, sharing from one heart to another.

The antidote to this feeling is taking responsibility for your choices, allowing yourself to say no, or yes, based on what you truly desire and PRACTICING FORGIVENESS.

Forgiveness is all about getting into right relationship with yourself first. It helps you to break free from feelings of resentment and isolation. It helps you to truly connect, open into your heart and allow ripples of healing to wash over all the other relationships in your life.

Before we can heal our relationships with others we have to come to know forgiveness and unconditional love for ourselves. When we forgive ourselves, we open into our own hearts, learn to lead from our hearts and to communicate heart to heart with others.

So take a minute to ask yourself, what do you need to forgive yourself for? What promises have you made to yourself or to others that you have not kept?

And if you're interested in learning how to forgive and experience the magic of right relationship in the New Year, then sign up for my upcoming free series: 5 Days of Forgiveness and begin creating magic and miracles in your relationships. During this series I will be leading you through a transformational forgiveness process where you'll let go of the resentments holding you back in your most important relationships, so that you can go about the joy of living and loving.

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