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A 40-day program will be offered in October 2024. Sign up for the

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Somatics for Creative Transformation

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The Onward & Upward Training System® is the world's FIRST PROGRAM designed to help you experience breakthrough transformation on multiple levels using a unique process based on somatic practices from across the globe.

The Onward & Upward Training System is a unique program designed by Panya Walker that pulls from somatic traditions around the world to help you:
  • Develop your somatic awareness and intuition;
  • Establish a solid internal anchor and foundation as well as an expansive vision for your life; 
  • Heal and transform limiting thoughts, beliefs, emotions and patterns standing in your way; 
  • Embrace and maintain processes and practices that sustain meaningful change.

This rich 21-day, self-paced, online coaching program brings modern application to ancient wisdom derived from global somatic practices. It is delivered online through training video and audio files, worksheets, learning tools and soma processes guided by Panya. 
Access the training from anywhere in the world to establish or deepen your personal practice and gain clarity and confidence along your chosen path.


As part of the program you'll learn, establish and deepen a somatic practice that not only helps you develop your somatic awareness and intuition but also teaches you:

Soma tools that help you transform stress, anxiety and uncertainty into clear vision and purposeful forward motion.

How to stay grounded and centered in an empowering vision for your life, so that you can sustain change.

How to activate the 12 keys to manifestation, so you fully embrace and step into your vision.

Simple and effective ways to integrate your vision mind, body and spirit, so that you take steps to manifest more quickly and easily.

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In my application,, soma tools are sensory tools.


They cultivate a sense of relaxed awareness and spaciousness,

which is needed to transcend and transform any difficulty

and to grow and evolve consciousness.


                                                                       -- Panya Walker

Here's why others have joined the training:

Dealing with ADHD in a fast-paced work environment

"I've taken the course many times. It initially helped me to get a job in my purpose, and to know that I deserve that type of job and that type of abundance. And after receiving an ADHD diagnosis I retook the course and revisited the soma therapies, which helped me in this very fast-paced position. I have more peace, I'm able to tackle more of my responsibilities, and I don't feel as much pressure to get things done because I'm able to figure out what needs more of my attention.  I just feel good." 
-- Seradin Engram


Increased energy & weight loss

"I’ve been battling weight issues due to really bad self-image caused by [childhood experiences]. I knew there must be some baggage I’m not seeing or just not releasing. That’s where what Panya teaches has been such a great help. I've released emotion (and weight) I've stored in my body for years and experienced so much energy."

Thank you Panya for taking what seem like simple concepts and putting them into such a concise, effective and efficient package. When I watch you I feel peace and tranquility and 'you can do this' coming right out of the screen. And I am getting to where I want to be. Love the program!!"

-- Sara Harder


Finding stability in times of change

"Panya has the unique ability to speak into a camera as if she is personally delivering a message to me through the screen... I was inspired everyday I went through a lesson. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and felt myself growing in confidence and tapping into my own wisdom... I credit Panya's course for empowering me with an Onward and Upward guide that accelerated a transitional moment in my journey. I highly recommend it to anyone, and everyone, who is ready to grow and move onward and upward!"


-- Michele Reeves


Healing trauma, achieving greater physical & emotional health

"I was dealing with some heavy emotional things and I needed to get that out of my body. I joined around the beginning of the pandemic where we were dealing with uprising and lockdown at the same time. Being able to work through my personal trauma while still being able to manage what was happening outside was vitally important to my health." 

-- Kibra Yohannes

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Tools and practices for personal growth

"I joined the online coaching program because I know that working with Panya is always an opportunity for self-reflection, deeper connection with myself, and growth. The program helped me to set some goals, tap more deeply into my intuition, and allow myself the space to recognize what was holding me back and work through those blocks. The program also helped me to let go of fear, and helped me to go with the flow, while setting longer term objectives for myself. I absolutely would recommend the program to individuals that are interested in taking a deep look at themselves and are interested in their own personal growth. The journey for every person is a deeply personal one, and so you really set the course for what you want to gain out of the experience.  Panya’s program offers the roadmap."
-- Vicky Hernandez

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Techniques for mind-body-spirit integration

"I joined the program because it came highly recommended.  What really stood out for me were the practices for grounding, centering, stress relief, vagal toning, manifestation and integration.  I learned that it's not enough to 'think' an intention.  You need to get anchored in the body too, since that's the place of action, and where you make it real.  The program gives you powerful somatic tools and practices to integrate mind, body and spirit, and supercharge your progress." 

-- LV West

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Deeper connection in relationship

"I wanted to experience deeper connection with the people in my life.  I have in the past done a lot of expectation and people pleasing in relationship. After taking the course and doing the practices, I find that my expectations have changed, which has changed my experience. I feel less burdened in relationship, and I allow space for what is to just be. This has taken the pressure off, and what is left is the joy of meaningful connection."

-- Kristov Perez


I'm ready to join!


About the Teacher:

Panya Walker is a somatic practitioner and teacher.  She has 25 years experience at the nexus of personal, organizational and community empowerment, with a focus on meaningful social change.

She currently runs a private practice out of New Mexico where she develops treatment programs for individuals and groups centered around holistic wellness and somatic therapies that facilitate personal and professional transformation, ignite creativity and develop the sixth sense.  She has also worked throughout the US and internationally with diverse communities supporting individual wellbeing and community care. 

Panya began her exploration of somatics at age 19 during a period of study abroad in Southern Africa. She continued to delve into somatic practices as she built a career in communications, taking her across Asia and the Americas. Panya attributes her personal and professional success -- then and now -- to her practice, study and apprenticeship in the somatic arts. In 2010 she was given a golden opportunity to share her good news. She opened a private practice in New York City offering soma-centered treatment programs to busy professionals, and hasn't looked back. 


Panya is the creator of the Onward & Upward Training System®, a first-of-its-kind and one-of-a-kind process grounded in somatic practices from across the globe. Panya's programs have helped thousands of people achieve breakthrough transformation, mind, body and spirit. She has worked with artists, educators, doctors, health-care professionals, coaches, trainers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, community organizers, activists and philanthropists. She is passionate about helping servant leaders and change agents achieve greater health and vitality so that they can serve at their highest level. 

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A 40-day program will be offered in October 2024. Sign up for the
waitlist to be the first to know when the doors to enrollment open.

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