Onward & Upward Training Workshop

Dream Builder Jump-Start: 

Opportunity in Crisis

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The one thing that keeps you stuck in old thought and habit patterns.

How to deal with the doubts, fears, anxiety and self-sabotage patterns that come up when you're facing change.

The 12 keys that unlock your ability to manifest and sustain any change.

​​A proven system for transforming your inspired ideas into inspired action. 


Hosted by

Panya Walker

Creator of the Onward & Upward Training System ®

Panya has helped hundreds of people with some of the most significant transformations of their lives, in their health, relationships and work.  She has also trained practitioners, coaches and consultants to achieve breakthrough transformation with their clients.


Panya has developed a unique system, grounded in principles of Specialized Kinesiology, Eastern approaches to wellness, and an intuitive linking method, that helps you to move onward and upward in your life or business, and teach others to do the same.

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