The ONWARD & UPWARD Training System

The ONWARD & UPWARD Training System®

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Here's What You'll Get

  • The full Onward & Upward training system and portal that has helped hundreds of people with the most significant transitions and transformations of their lives.


  • 21 days of consecutive content, including six modules that walk you through the entire system.


  • Worksheets and checklists to keep you on track as you move through the modules.


  • Over 24 soma tools that you can use to fast-track your healing, growth and transformation.


  • Our Membership Portal where you can ask questions and get answers and support throughout the course.


  • Downloadable video files that you can refer to as often as and whenever you like.


  • Audio-only files that you can listen to when you're driving or taking a walk.


  • The Onward & Upward Tribe facebook group, where you can interact with other course participants.



Plus you'll get these extra bonuses:

  • BONUS: 400+ power statements, mantras and affirmations to help accelerate your progress onward & upward.

  • BONUS: You'll be given your unique Sensory Profile, customized by Panya. This sensory profile will help you to understand how you think, learn and relate to the world around you. You will also be given sensory tools to strengthen weaknesses and perform at your highest potential. This bonus alone is a $400 value. 


  • BONUS: A guide to working with your holy helpers, the angels and orishas.


  • BONUS: A bonus module teaching you a series of 12 soma tools that are based on a 5,000 year healing tradition. 

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