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Here's What You'll Get

  • The full Onward & Upward training system and portal that has helped hundreds of people with the most significant transitions and transformations of their lives.


  • 21 days of consecutive content, including six modules that walk you through the entire system.


  • Worksheets and checklists to keep you on track as you move through the modules.


  • Over 24 soma tools that you can use to fast-track your healing, growth and transformation.


  • Our Membership Portal where you can ask questions and get answers and support throughout the course.


  • Downloadable video files that you can refer to as often as and whenever you like.


  • Audio-only files that you can listen to when you're driving or taking a walk.


  • The Onward & Upward Tribe facebook group, where you can interact with other course participants.



Plus you'll get these extra bonuses:

  • BONUS: 400+ power statements, mantras and affirmations to help accelerate your progress onward & upward.

  • BONUS: You'll be given your unique Sensory Profile, customized by Panya. This sensory profile will help you to understand how you think, learn and relate to the world around you. You will also be given sensory tools to strengthen weaknesses and perform at your highest potential. This bonus alone is a $400 value. 


  • BONUS: A guide to working with your holy helpers, the angels and orishas.


  • BONUS: A bonus module teaching you a series of 12 soma tools that are based on a 5,000 year healing tradition. 

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Seradin Engram

Brooklyn, NY

Most of my work has been in service to others. I've worked in youth development/child care programs for 8 years. I've also studied Reiki and Energy Healing since 2013.


Before taking the Onward & Upward program I was at a job I hated that had little stability. In the beginning of the course Panya helped us to set a clear intention and goal -- that became our focus throughout the course. I set the goal to transition to work that I love. Soon after taking the course, I was presented with an employment opportunity in my field, at the location I wanted, with an amazingly supportive supervisor and manager. I was promoted within 6 months and received scholarships for training programs that will help me advance further!


In the course Panya gives us something she calls, set-point stabilizers. I love them! These gems are statements of power. I focused on and spoke aloud the ones that pertained to work and money. I like to think of it as telling myself the truth. This shifted my mindset and I was able to improve my focus and performance at that very job I hated. With the new opportunity and through other avenues I’ve attracted more income and abundance in my life.


I would absolutely recommend the Onward & Upward program! Give the program a try. The information is relevant to anyone wanting to achieve a goal, no matter how big or small. Panya gives you the tools and breaks down the steps needed to bring success.

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Kathy Loewenstern

San Francisco, CA

When I came to Panya I didn't really understand what a Soma Therapist was or how she worked, however, I trusted her and I trusted the process.


She always begins the work by setting a clear intention and goal. My initial goal was to work on my business, because I wanted to grow my revenue. But through the work I came to see that what was actually blocking my business was a dysfunctional personal relationship. Panya helped me to address that dysfunction and transform the relationship. Once I did that, we moved on to my business, and I started moving forward really quickly, increasing my revenue stream, developing new partnerships, products and services -- basically achieving one goal after another.


It’s actually kind of mind blowing. I still can’t put a label on what Panya does or describe it, but does it really matter?  It works.


Joseph Giangrasso

New York, NY

Panya, I've followed your work for years now... I  have used the techniques you teach as part of my daily ritual, to set myself up to do my best work throughout the day.  As a master trainer in the athletic world, I also have integrated the techniques into my work to help supercharge client performance.


Michele Reeves

Albuquerque, NM

Onward and Upward came to me just in time to help me appreciate and accelerate an unexpected transition to move across the country. Though I was happy to relocate for my spouse, I was looking for clarity about what was "next" for me.


Panya had the unique ability to speak into a camera as if she is personally delivering a message to me through the screen. Her words are like a warm blanket of care and comfort that soothes your soul, warms your heart and motivates your spirit to move forward. I was inspired everyday I went through a lesson. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and felt myself growing confidence and tapping into my own wisdom. What I thought would be a difficult 6 - 9 month transition to a new state turned out to be a fulfilling 3 month transition that landed me into a wonderful new job.


I credit Panya's course for empowering me with an Onward and Upward guide that accelerated this transitional moment in my journey. I highly recommend it to anyone, and everyone, who is ready to grow and move onward and upward! 


Kathy Martin

Grayson, GA

Before taking Panya's online course, I felt constricted and like I wasn't doing what I was supposed to be doing or being. I had lots of pain and tension in my body. I always had an awareness of what others wanted me to be and me trying to achieve that, instead of being who I really am.


After taking the course, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I feel freer, lighter and like I'm being true to myself and Spirit. I feel physical, mental and emotional tension releasing. I feel Joy welling up in me and return to it more frequently. 

I've learned that the more I am myself, the more I allow others to be who they are and the more comfortable and satisfied I am with myself. I learned that what I want to be doing/being IS what I'm supposed to be doing/being. My thoughts have changed from "I have to do this or be this" (constricting-what I perceive others want) to "I want to do this or be this" (freeing-what I want).

Panya's loving, healing energy is overwhelmingly good for the body and soul. She's an honest and conscientious healer. Panya gives you more than your money's worth in her courses and of herself. If you want healing in any part of your life, you can only go right working with her.


Antonina Andreeva

United Kingdom

OMG!  I am lucky enough to be part of Panya's class and I am absolutely loving it!  I caught up with the lessons yesterday and got so much clarity about the piece I am working on.  The lessons are very practical so as to not overwhelm and you get consistency but at your own pace.
Panya really took into consideration the energy she is working with and made the course and the information that it delivers user friendly, practical and powerful! These are tools I will be coming back to again and again!

Sara Harder

Prescott, AZ

Accolades are in order. I’ve been working with Panya's online course to help get a goal accomplished. I have lots of things I could have chosen but decided to start with weight loss thinking that would be simple, a matter of finishing off what I’ve worked on all my life. I’ve been battling weight issues due to really bad self-image caused by molestation and humiliation when young. I thought that I had cleared things out pretty well on my own. I’ve done spiritual work, have a trainer, walk every day, try to eat well. I’m still 15 pounds overweight. So I knew there must be some baggage I’m not seeing or just not releasing. That’s where what Panya teaches has been such a great help.

The first session brought up all this anger and rage. Hello, I knew I was angry and thought I kept it on a low simmer, but wow, this was of volcanic proportions. It all came pouring out on my walk the next morning. Nothing you’ll find on the local news, just internal raging at past events. When I calmed down most of the anger in my life was just gone. That got me thinking. I finally realized, of course, the body took the first offense so the body is where I needed to go to release the past. Just reconnecting the dots – literally – the meridian work Panya's teaching opened the floodgates. I have not had much anger inside since. Huh…that’s me being amazed and thoughtful.

The second lesson was just as powerful but in a different way. It seemed to be more intense physically. After the session I experienced so much energy that I upped my steps from about 8,000 a day to 10,000 to 11,000. I cleaned up the leaves in the yard, cleaned the house, did five loads of laundry, hung it out on the line and just kept going. The power surge is still there but not quite that intense. I’ve released 3 pound in one week. I feel like I’m getting the hang of this, sinking into the program, and feeling good about the results so far.

Can’t wait for lesson three!

Thank you Panya for taking what seem like simple concepts and putting them into such a concise, effective and efficient package. When I watch you I feel peace and tranquility and 'you can do this' coming right out of the screen. And I am getting to where I want to be. Love the program!!

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