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Panya currently offers online study programs teaching soma tools that cultivate presence, help you achieve greater personal/professional success, and that develop your sixth sense.


Purchases for online courses are non refundable but may be transferred to another service.

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Online Courses

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The Presence Principle
somatics for self awareness, self care and the creation of sacred space

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8 day self-study

Do you ever feel stifled by negative self talk, or find yourself stuck in a chaos, drama, or inaction loop?  It's a cycle that shuts out joy, and that impacts your relationship with your body, with other people, your work, you name it.  In this course you will find an exit to this loop so that you can move forward on a path of greater peace, joy and fulfilment. 


You will learn: the presence principle and how to implement it in your life; the antidote to fear-based thoughts masquerading as truth and; soma tools from around the world that help you to stand in a place of peace, wisdom and personal power.


The program is delivered through video files and worksheets in our online Membership Portal. 


$189 plus tax

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The Onward & Upward Training System

somatics for personal/professional transformation & success

Blue Hummingbird


21 day self-study


The Onward & Upward Training System is a unique program that teaches you a simple process for overcoming fear, reinventing your self image and creating new habits so that you can live your best life now.  In this program you will be given tools to set a clear and measurable goal for yourself and be guided through a series of powerful soma techniques from around the world that help you to step into the vision that you set for yourself.  You will not only learn each technique in detail, but also how and why they work. 

The program is delivered through video and audio files and worksheets in our online Membership Portal.  Files are downloadable so that you can refer back to them as often as and whenever you like. 


$349 plus tax

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Somatics & the Sixth Sense
somatics for the development of the sixth sense

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Join Panya in an immersive, personalized study of somatics for the development of the sixth sense. 

This private study experience is for those who have experienced an Inner "Sensory Profile" session with Panya and wish to develop these gifts further.  There will be two personalized Zoom lessons each month for 12 months (24 lessons total), daily practicum as well as trust- and skill-building exercises that deepen self, sensory and spiritual  awareness. Study concludes with a written and oral assessment.


$5000 plus tax

payment plans available

Complete the application below and Panya will reach out to you to schedule a discussion about the path forward.

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