This 4-month program is the only private coaching opportunity that merges quick and painless quantum healing, and proven methods to remove soul level blocks, introduce harmony to your relationships, and bring more flow to your career or business!
Figure out what you’re really supposed to be doing with your life, your career, or your business?
Build powerful teams and partnerships so that you can make more money and experience more joy in your career or businesses?
Drown out all the noise and mental chatter so that you can feel more clear,
stop procrastinating, and achieve your personal goals?

Stop experiencing distracting conflicts and achieve harmony in your personal and romantic relationships?
Cultivate patience and presence when spending time with, or caring for,
your children?


A life where you wake up each morning feeling supported, loved, and capable of achieving anything that you set your mind to

A life where you’re in control of your thoughts and actions (and are able to quickly reframe and get back on track whenever you feel out of control)

A life where you experience consistent joy, laughter, and fun in your relationships

Well, I’m about to tell you all about the perfect solution for you.



If you’re here right now it’s because you’re smart, you’re driven, and you’re a high achiever.

You’ve done everything within your power to find inner peace, harmony, and happiness in your personal life, your career, or your business… but somewhere along the way you've gotten stuck!

I understand how difficult it is to find time to yourself while working full-time, being a spouse, AND being a parent. But you don’t have to accept a lack of passion. You don’t have to engage in transactional relationships that feel like all work and no fun!

For as long as you’ve lived on earth you’ve been someone who’s taken things into your own hands. You got the degrees, climbed the career ladder, and have entered into partnerships and relationships hoping to find fulfillment.

From this moment on you’re going to bring this same philosophy into your physical, emotional, and spiritual practices.

You’ll find the harmony you so deeply desire without forcing it, without major struggles, and without fighting to maintain your peace!

But first, let me ask you a few questions - I'm curious to hear the answers:

1. Has your life become a series of obligations that need to be carried out? 

2. Are you going through your days like a robot executing tasks in a way that feels like drudgery? 

3. Do you feel almost like you’re suffocating, or living in a void where there’s just not enough space for you (+your feelings, your hobbies, or your passions). 


If that sounds like you, and you're ready to take action, and do the inner work to radically transform your life then I have a program that could be profoundly life-changing for you.

I work as a guide to help you actualize your full potential.

I give you access to unique mindset techniques in addition

to Applied Kinesiology, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.


In short, I teach you techniques for a very specific reason!

Your Holistic Lifestyle & Wellness Advisor

How am I qualified to help you feel confident and fulfilled?


Well, first and foremost, I am a business-owner, a wife and mother to two beautiful children.  I have also battled debilitating anxiety, body issues, adrenal fatigue and burn out, and have learned how to stay out of overwhelm and stand in my power in all areas of my life.


And my mission is to help others do the same, by meeting and honoring each soul I serve exactly where they are, while helping them tap into, align with and express their GOD potential -- which is their FULL potential.  


I also went the traditional educational route and earned two BA’s from the University of Virginia. I'm an Ordained Interfaith Minister and Certified Medium, as well as an expert in a number of health and wellness modalities that I acquired after a successful corporate career, including:

        Total Body Modification                     Specialized Kinesiology

        Mind Body Medicine                         Brain Gym

        Food As Medicine                             Touch for Health

        Holistic Nutrition                                 Advanced Energy Medicine

My goal is to help you eliminate the barriers and stressors that are blocking

you from:


Feeling focused and on top of your procrastination,

Getting out from under overwhelm and self-sabotage, and

Creating and LIVING the life of your dreams.

When we work together I’ll help you remove anything you are not, so that you can embody who you really are!






"Panya is the beautiful one woman show for relationship counseling, spiritual guidance and career counseling.  After one intense session... I have gained confidence in speaking my truth and voicing my opinion.  I have learned that I do not need the 'baggage' I carry, that I am enough and have a voice that needs to be heard."

"I came to Panya for reassurance that my husband and I could still imagine a life together laced with love and respect.  Panya helped us identify beliefs we inherited from our environment and offered a fresh perspective on writing a new love story.  Most amazingly, Panya gifted us the ability to recognize, and celebrate, the love that still lives within us."

Tasneem Grace

Co-Founder, Soul Story

Nashville, TN

Dr. Anna Padilla

Physical Therapist & Strength/Conditioning Specialist, Founder of Ther-X, New York, NY 

"After doing Panya's 1-1 coaching program with a focus on my business, I've already made 3X the amount that I spent working with her and it's only been one week since we completed our sessions. If you're looking to work with Panya, you will: 1. learn how you function in your personal relationships -- your strengths and blind spots -- and ways to improve them; 2. learn ways to improve your communication on a professional level, and grow your business profile from a place of high integrity; 3. come to see your world through a different lens; and 4. feel more centered and 'at one' with yourself, appreciate what you do, and above all understand your value and worth."

Joseph Giangrasso

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Precision Movement, New York, NY


(I say typically, because no two people are exactly alike -- I meet you where you are and take great care to craft a program especially for you):

Lay the Foundation for Self-Empowerment and Self-Love

You'll receive an intuitive reading about some of the patterns and opportunities driving your experiences, so that you can make better decisions now.

You'll create a Personal Value System Manifesto, so that you can get clear on your

motivations and goals moving forward.  

You'll learn proven techniques to identify and release blocks, fears and limiting

behaviors so that you can walk more fully into your power and live your values daily.



Reawaken to Your Unique Gifts  


You'll learn how your unique sensory, learning and intuitive  profile impacts your

responses and experiences.


You'll also learn ways to raise your physical, emotional and spiritual energy

so that you're not derailed by unexpected challenges.  



Power Up Your Communication

You'll be given tools and practices to help you ask for support and have

challenging conversations with loved ones and colleagues.




Create an Empowerment Plan for Your Life  

You'll create a plan for your life and lay the foundation for showing up and moving forward powerfully, authentically, courageously and lovingly.  


On our private coaching calls, held by telephone or Skype, you'll get personalized attention and support to help you create a new framework for your life and relationships.  I will hold space for you to reconnect with your sacred self, expand your gifts and talents, deepen your learning and offer specific suggestions and resources to keep you moving forward.

EIGHT 1-to-1 Coaching Calls



This is a high-touch program, where you'll have unlimited email access to me between sessions. 


E-mail Access

The ONWARD & UPWARD Training System®

is the world’s FIRST PROGRAM designed to help you experience breakthrough transformations on multiple levels while over-hauling your mind, body, or career/business with a unique 21-day process based on science and eastern medicine.  

                                                                     $547 VALUE

Full Access to

Online Course

SIX One-to-One Coaching Calls

"My quantum healing and coaching session with Panya was incredible. I felt instant relief and a removal of the blocked energy I had been experiencing prior to our call! During the first part of my session Panya told me that I should rest and relax so that I could receive the healing. Then we connected on the phone and she tuned in to me to: 1) remove ancestral and emotional blocks; 2) coach me through my biggest challenges; and 3) explain how to integrate the recent healing into my way of being. Panya is a thorough professional and she ensured that each and every single question I had was answered. She gave me an aftercare plan complete with exact steps to take and affirmations to say throughout my healing period. It’s been a few weeks and I am reporting back to say I have felt an immediate and on-going sense of peace since working together. We chose one specific life-area to work on, my relationship. But I’ve also felt an additional bonus, I’m clear of blocked energy in my business. Thank you for this gift you share with us, Panya, I feel that you’re the world’s best-kept secret and I can’t wait for more people to experience the joy of working with you!”

During each quantum healing session you'll receive a personalized healing, as well as a 1-1 consultation where I coach you through the blocks you are experiencing and give you an after care plan with activities that will help you integrate and deepen your healing.

This unique offering helps you to make breakthrough transformations on a singular goal or healing intention that you set for yourself.  Learn more HERE.

                                                                        $750 VALUE






Copywriting Teacher & Soulful Business Strategist

South Africa


You enjoy the reciprocal relationship between yourself and a coach and you’re willing to open
    your heart and try new things.

You desire 1:1 attention to work on your deepest, soul-level blocks.


You are a bright, proactive, heart-centered person, who has taken responsibility for your life.


You’re after success (yes), and you want to experience it in a way that FEELS good, that is
    balanced and sustainable.


You intend to live a long and prosperous life.


You are aware that there is more to life than the material and physical world.

You tend to embrace NON-CONVENTION. You don't tend to ascribe to conventional wisdom (instead, you are choosing to create a new reality for yourself, your family and your community).

You may be a 'first' in your family... first to graduate college, first to start a business, first to     leave the country of your birth, first to embark on a particular spiritual journey, etc.

You are interested in HOLISM and "alternative" perspectives around health, lifestyle, and    




I send you lots of love and blessings, but this program isn't for you if:


You see "alternative" approaches to health and wellness as pseudoscientific, false or bad.

You aren’t willing to try new things and explore your depths.

You take your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual health for granted.

You don’t see the value in investing in yourself.

You tend to search for your answers outside of yourself instead of tuning into your intuition or gut.

You are the type of person who tends to absorb lots of material/courses without putting the
    information into practice (this program is experiential, and you will experience the biggest
    transformation by learning then doing!).

Curious if we're a good fit to work together?

So am I, my friend. Click the button below to apply for a complimentary discovery call.  On the call we’ll talk about what’s stopping you from achieving your desired goals and discuss how we can work together to start uncovering your blocks.



Let me share the dollars and cents for how we can work together!

I’ve met with hundreds of folks who told me that this kind of work is priceless.


Your investment in healing past pain, reconnecting to your heart, and creating more professional success so that you can expand your soul and earn more money in your professional field is priced at $3,900.

Now I know what you might be thinking, so don’t worry… I’ve got this sorted. “Panya, what if I need a payment plan to make this work with my budget?”


Well, I’m a business owner who’s also a mom and wife. I have many responsibilities and know that sometimes we need to space things out.  That's why I've created a payment plan just for you. 



$3,900 or 2 payments of $2,000 in installments 6 weeks apart

Eight personalized 1-to-1 coaching sessions to help you create a new framework for your life, relationships and business.


Unlimited email access between sessions.

Full access to 3-week course, The Onward & Upward Training System ®, where you learn how to make lighting-fast progress on your goals.  Valued at $547.

Two Bonus Quantum Healing Sessions to help you move the bar on issues in your life that feel stuck, valued at $750. 

Pay in full $3,900 or two payments of $2,000 in installments 6 weeks apart.


Pay in Full

Payment Plan

Find out what others have said about working with Panya HERE

Find answers to frequently

asked questions HERE

Every effort has been made to accurately represent the program and its potential. The testimonials are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.


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